No One to Stop Me, But, Guess I Won’t!!

I saw them!! There they were in the shoe section of my favorite department shoe. I knew immediately what they were. They were something I wanted badly as a young girl. I

There they were!

There they were!

called my husband’s attention to them. “They’re what?” he said. “Huaraches,” they are huaraches.” He didn’t seem very impressed and neither was my father when, years ago I  had coaxed for a pair. He didn’t even go for the “but everybody is wearing them” line. They would be bad for my feet, was all he said, and that ended the subject.

My father wasn’t one to be coaxed into anything and it didn’t matter if all the girls were wearing them. He took one look at the flat soles, and no arch support and that was it, there was no more talking about it. Today, kids go with the trends, girls are now wearing the Leg Veil skirts. I can hardly believe my eyes when I see girls wearing these. And it seems cost is no factor. The four of us, I had two brothers and a sister, didn’t get lots of things, many times because we couldn’t afford them. When I was a kid, modesty was more of a consideration,too.

Getting back to the huaraches. I must explain that the huaraches I’m talking about are

Not quite this bad.

Not quite this bad.

Mexican huaraches. When I saw them on the shelf I immediately recalled wishing I had a pair and here they were looking just as they did in the 1940’s and back in style in 2014. I’ve learned since, that they were also popular in the late 1950/1960’s when they became part of the hippy lifestyle and it was then that they gained in popularity. That’s when I was having babies and raising my children and not much aware of shoes styles..


Some of you may even have a pair of these tucked away in your closet, because they were made to last. ( I’m surprised my father didn’t consider this aspect of the shoe since it was a quality he often considered.) In fact, that was why our clothing was bought several sizes too big, so it would last.

If you decide to look up huaraches, you’ll find that many styles of shoes are so named. Some with thick rubber soles and only woven-string

This are called huaraches, too, but not Mexican.

These are called huaraches, too, but not Mexican.

tops are called huaraches. But there is no confusing Mexican huaraches. They are a type of Mexican sandal and are pre-Columbian in origin. They are simply made of all-leather with hand-woven uppers and to be authentic are hand-made.

I wonder what my father would think of many of today’s popular shoe styles. He would take one look and say that they are bad for the feet and he would be right! For example: many flip-flops fall into this category. Ballet flats have no arch support and stiletto heels are killers to more then your feet. They say that high heeled boots can cause nerve damage in the knees and I hate to mention those comfy huaraches 6sheepskin boots, like Uggs, which lead to a build-up of fungus. Funny, but I’m sounding more like my father.

Now you are wondering if I’ll get a pair of huaraches. There’s no one to stop me. But, I inherited good common sense, from my father,so I probably won’t get a pair! By the way, you can only imagine what my father would think of flip flops.

What would you do? Maybe you already have a pair of huaraches, maybe you’ve always worn them, buying them straight from Mexico. I’d love to hear from you.




12 thoughts on “No One to Stop Me, But, Guess I Won’t!!

  1. I am so fussy about my shoes! They must have good arch support or my feet hurt. So, I don’t get a lot of the fashionable stuff. I sound like Grandpa now, huh?


    • You surely do sound like Grandpa. Does that say anything about your age? Actually when I was ten (about the age I wanted those shoes) my father was only 30. Not even an old man and he still thought arch support was important. Maybe there is something to it.(: Thanks for writing, Janine.


  2. Hi I remember shopping for shoes with. They were always sturdy with good support..well I guess I also have turned into dad..comfort and support is my style any more..I see these young girls wearing the Huckabee’s and I say to myself wait until they my age they will change if they still have arches. Lol….


    • What fun to hear from my sister and hear about your shopping trips with dad. I think you’re right about the affect all these flat shoes will have on girl’s feet in the future. Then we’ll have the second laugh, so to speak. Thanks for writing.


  3. I wanted Blue Suede shoes…mom Ann took me to every store until we finally found them. I was so excited to wear them…that I wore them in the rain at the Memorial Day Fairgrounds. Yes…I ruined them. I worked very hard trying to bring them back to life. Learned a great lesson in patience and how to take care of my things. The closest I’ve ever come to sandles are my Crocs. They keep my achielles heel in check.


    • I don’t remember ever wanting blue suede shoes,( navy blue patent leather ones.) Your heart must have been broken. I remember well the muddy S.V. Fairgrounds. Thanks for writing, Karen.


  4. Hi Shirley,
    I have a pair of huarache shoes, but mine have arches built into them and I am pretty sure that they weren’t made in mexico. I’ve had mine for several years and they are black, woven leather. They are cute shoes and they are very comfortable.I have many different types of shoes (most of the ones that you mentioned are in my closet, with the exception of crocs). 🙂 Uggs are great, but you need to wear socks with them….and many of the kid’s don’t…..and that is why some people get fungus and smelly feet from wearing them. Boots are my very favorite footwear, and I won’t even mention how many pairs of these that I have. I’ll just say that I have many many pairs of them, and they are all different styles and brands. Somehow any talk about shoes or boots is always a good subject for us ladies. Don’t you think??


    • Hi Colleen: I guess we could call your huaraches sophisticated. Not to mention that they are better for your feet. I love boots also and I believe shoes is a good subject for women to respond to because I don’t know of any that don’t love shoes. Thanks for writing.


  5. Omg I never heard of these till reading this today. Yes ur dad was right . Isn’t it funny how as we get older , we are reminded of our parents. Anyway, those shoes look like they would kill my feet now. I have plantats fasciitis and need arch support and orthotics. If young., well that might be comfy now but look 30 yrs into future- OUCH!!!!!!


    • Hi Donna: What a nice surprise hearing from you. Definitely forget about huaraches for you. Funny, but when we are young, we don’t think very far ahead. But, my father did, guess that was good for me. Thanks for writing.


  6. On the subject of shoes, in our high school it was fashionable for boys to wear Threadneedle shoes–elegant heavy shoes made in England on Threadneedle Street and fabricated with Scotch-grained leather. The inch thick heals had a steel insert in lieu of taps. In 1952 a pair of Threadneedles cost about $22 a pair. My Mom, who was a school teacher, bought me a pair so I’d be able to “fit in.” I’ve never since bought a pair of shoes that were so expensive (measured in 1952 economics).

    Being a late in life and last child had its perquisites.


    • Hi Wade: Loved hearing from you. I’m going to have to look-up Threadneedle Street shoes. I’ve never heard of them. And wearing sandals when boys were not yet into them. had to be a shocking experience. Next time I see you, I’m going to check out your shoes. 🙂 You always have something interesting to say.


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