“EUC” For The Short Of It!

Do you really know what’s in your house? I’m not referring to the things tucked away in

Bundle of eucalyptus.

Bundle of eucalyptus.

drawers, closets, or under the beds, rather, the things in clear view. You may ask how I got on this subject? The truth of the matter is, it was the day I decided it was time to wash my eucalyptus bouquets. I have had three, lovely, aromatic bouquets of eucalyptus for many years. As I took each bouquet to the sink, filled with soapy water, I wondered if women still use this plant when decorating, today? I thought back to when I purchased the eucalyptus and I really can’t remember when it was. My mother didn’t decorate with them, nor anyone else I know, so why I do, is a good question.

In this day when “natural” is in and silk and artificial flowers are out, just maybe we’ll see eucalyptus bouquets come into vogue again. It’s been said that preserved eucalyptus plants last Eucalyptus 1forever and considering all the years I’ve had mine, I’m beginning to believe this They are dried, but remain soft to touch. Remember they are preserved plants, not artificial. You’ve probably seen them used in wreaths and you may also be  aware of EUC’s essential oil and its fragrance. I found it amazing that during the plants’ bath that fragrance was still there. Today, natural flora is used in bouquets and eucalyptus is perfect as a filler with these. Can you imagine anyone thinking even roses are blase today?

There is much that can be done with eucalyptus plants, such as to hang a bundle in the shower from your shower curtain rod. The heat and steam help to activate the herb’s essential oils which can ease congestion. I personally like the smell. It’s a sweet , slightly spicy scent, one that creates a clean, fresh house smell. Eucalyptus Oil and Spray is good for numerous household uses. I’m going to look into Bosisto’s Eucalyptus Spray, a natural room freshener. Eucalyptus is a common ingredient in cough drops and decongestants.

So, where can eucalyptus be purchased?… in florist shops and someone said you can

A grove of eucalyptus trees.

A grove of eucalyptus trees.

find it in Walmart and without question, you can get it on the internet. Others say you may grow it yourself. It is a tree native to Australia, although it is now cultivated in China and Guatemala. It is primarily known as a food source for koala bears. Some of these trees can grow as high as 250 feet. However, it can be grown in containers and brought indoors to winter over, with frequent pruning to keep it bushy.

Now, getting back to my original question, “Do you really know what’s in your house?”

Same company, today's new packaging.

Same company, today’s new packaging.

You probably do know whether or not you have eucalyptus bouquets there. But what about the containers they are in? One of my bouquets is in an old crock imprinted with the company’s name that manufactured what had once been inside. It reads: “Simon Fischer Pittsburgh, Pa., Manufacturers of Lekvar, Importers of Hungarian Products.” Much to my amazement that company is still in business, selling Lekvar. It is a thick fruit jam and today their specialty is prune butter.

You recall that I have two other bouquets, one in is a copper, vase, overlayed with silver. It was a gift from my in-laws years ago. With some research, I’m inclined to think that it may have been manufactured at Heintz Metalware, of Buffalo, New York, which began production in 1902. It is said that the company did not always mark all of the items they handcrafted, and mine may well be one of those, as it is similar to their work. This company is no longer in business. The founder, Otto Heintz died unexpectedly in 1918, but the, firm survived until 1930, when it closed during the depression.

The first two containers may be of some value, but I don’t think this is the case with the

Koala eating Eucalyptus.

Koala eating Eucalyptus.

last one. It is a tall, clear glass jar embossed with flowers and once had a lid. I have no idea what might have been inside or where I got it , but I’ve always liked it as a vase.

While washing my eucalyptus,It sparked my interest in a few items that are in my house. Now I know a little more about them. You may want to do the same.

P.S. After writing the headline for this Shirl and You, I learned that EUC which I consider short for Eucalyptus is also internet slang which stands for “excellent used condition,” or “end user computing.” It’s been said that we can learn something new every day. We just did.

I've just added the last roses of summer to my eucalyptus bouquet.

I’ve just added the last roses of summer to my eucalyptus bouquet.

6 thoughts on ““EUC” For The Short Of It!

  1. Your bouquet with Roses and eucalyptus is very pretty. I didn’t know that preserved eucalyptus would last so long. Enjoy the last of the season’s roses.


    • Thanks for writing, Colleen. They are the last roses of summer. I cut them just before the photo was taken, this afternoon. We may get our first killing frost tonight. Love hearing from you.


  2. I didn’t know any of this about eucalyptus. I’ve seen Euc hanging in showers though. And although I love the scent…it doesn’t like me. I’m also very allergic to roses. Before my allergies become bad…I used to love to visit our local “Weed Shoppe”…you could smell the Euc before you even entered the building. The picture of you with the roses and eucalyptus together is beautiful. I can still enjoy them this way…through the pic…and remember the wonderful smell.


    • Allergies are terrible. They say you can develop allergies any time in your life. It was nice of you to like my picture even though I am holding those things that you’re allergic to.:( Thanks for writing, Karen


  3. I was afraid that they old bunch of eucalyptus might fall apart while you washed it! It made out okay, huh? I want to see the glass bottle that is embossed with flowers the next time I come up. Love your photo!


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