Color Yourself Beautiful!

I have decided that my favorite colors are orange, red, yellow, and maroon. Maybe that’s because, since the end of September, these colors have been making a spectacularcolored leaves 6 appearance in Northeastern PA. This has been an exceptional year for color change in the leaves here. At least, I think so, or it could be that this year I have taken greater notice of this wonderful change in our seasons. Think about this. Our creator, God had us in mind when He planned this breathtaking performance for us to enjoy.

We have all read what it is that causes the leaves to create their vivid fall foliage. For years, I heard it takes a frost to make the leaves turn their brightest. But this year, we still have not had one of these and

The green pigment leaves and the color is there.

The green pigment leaves and the color is there.

it’s the end of October and the leaves’ display is nearing its end. I’m now convinced that the frost kills the process and leads to poor fall color. Amazingly, it’s the green pigment that dies and then the leaves show their bright colors, which were there all the time.. A dry autumn filled with sunny days and cool, frost-less nights produces the most vibrant palette of fall colors. The leaves are beginning to fall now, but not until our eyes were filled with the most magnificent colors. The yellow leaves were exceptional this year, when the sun shined on them, they gleamed like gold.

There’s no escaping color. When we awaken, we choose color as we dress. Color makes colored leaves 9jpgan artist’s painting full of life. My family had a birthday party for me this summer and asked what my favorite color is. It’s red, and they say that looking at red makes a person’s heart beat faster. Everyone in our family survived a party where red dominated the decorations and was the color everyone was wearing. No one experienced arrhythmia.

Do you believe that color sends different signals to our brain and affects our moods, and

The yellow leaves gleams like gold.

The yellow leaves gleam like gold.

that our favorite color can tell others something about our personality? My husband loved blue as a child, but now he, like myself, favors earthy tones, like brown and orange. Our color likes are reflected in the way we decorate our homes. Ours has gold carpeting nearly throughout.

If you wish your children had better appetites try a red tablecloth. Red, orange and green colored leaves 8tend to be colors that stimulate hunger, maybe that’s why we eat more at Christmas time. Blues and purples suppress appetites. If blue is worn, it could mean the person is calm and contented. Red portrays a need for energy and excitement. Just how much of this is fact is hard to know. As we talk about color personalities in this Shirl and You, see if they relate to your personality or someone else you know.

My favorite color may be red, but I like many others. For instance, green is one of them. If it’s your favorite, you are curious with a love and desire for freedom. Yellow the brightest color to the human eye, is not one of my favorites, but I have noticed that many flowers growing in our gardens are yellow. Pink, not so favorite with me, symbolizes warmth, love, grace trust, romance, beauty and harmony. Right now, pink dominates what’s left of my

One look at these and you feel happy.

One look at these and you feel happy.

flower garden as my cosmos reach their peak. My husband calls these happy flowers, so their color is definitely creating a mood.

Black makes a statement and compliments nearly every other color. And some say that black makes people look thinner.

What is your favorite color and do you believe it could possibly say something about your personality? I wonder, too, if you’ve seen color used to create a mood? Now is the time to tell you that blue is the most favorite color in the world. A survey revealed that 42 percent of males and 30 percent of females

They say yellow is the least favorite color. That's not so with this woman.

They say yellow is the least favorite color. That’s not so with this woman.

have this same favorite color. My favorite, red, came in second, along with green, orange, brown and purple. Yellow is the least favorite color, preferred by only five percent of people. I read where both men and women increasingly dislike orange as they age. Has your favorite stayed the same through the years?

I know you all have opinions on this subject. So take time to make your comment to this Shirl and You.




"Move over Cosmos, I'm coming through." They grew six feet tall, and are at their peak, now.

“Move over Cosmos, I’m coming through.” They grew six feet tall, and are at their peak, now.


9 thoughts on “Color Yourself Beautiful!

  1. I like colors, but my favorite one, and that of son Brent, is white. You can do so much with it. John’s is blue. Mother’s was yellow, but it didn’t look good with her complexion, so she never wore it.


  2. I have to say that I honestly don’t really have a favorite color. My home is decorated with the colors of nature….reds, burgundy, brown, greens, and blue. A friend of mine is an interior decorator and she always told me that a home looks best when it is decorated with the colors of nature. I do like red, but I can’t say that it is my very favorite color. What an amazing artist our God is. When I look at the colors of nature, I am in awe; and spring is probably the most colorful season.


  3. Growing up, my favorite was purple! But now as an adult – it’s pink! I think your description of pink matches what is important in my life.


  4. Just drove home from New York today…the trees were at their best…most beautiful…we have had a great Fall Season. When my son was little…I dressed him in bright and wild colors and patterns to stimulate his brain…but I think those around him were more stimulated. I love a rainbow of colors. For my 12th birthday my mom made me a purple cake and I received a purple bike with a banana seat. My favorite color changed to green…but of course I love them all.


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