Separating Myths From Facts

When we reach the age of 50 or somewhere “there abouts,” we begin to wonder if

Skip that Big Mac!

Skip that Big Mac!

our diets of Big Macs and french fries, are leaving us with a need for extra vitamins. Generally we start with a good multi- vitamin, one especially formulated for women, the other for men. That should do it. We should be all set. We’ll watch our eating a little closer and when we fail to eat properly the “multis” will fill in. But then, it’s not long before we women think its time for our husbands to take “zinc” to keep his prostrate healthy, and at this age we women begin to wonder if we should add some calcium tablets. Vitamin C might help eliminate the colds we fight every winter. Hmmmm, biotin is supposed to help with hair loss and keeping our nails strong. And, soon our vitamin cupboard is overflowing. I must confess, that is the case with me.

I keep telling myself that I’m not going to fall for the latest spice craze, but I’m afraid I have. vitamin 4Recently, I and my husband started on turmeric. I would tell you why I added this to our regimen of vitamins, but I don’t remember why. Just kidding!! I do remember. The reason is that I thought it was time to take something to improve our memories and its been said that turmeric will do that. That and also help many other health conditions.

Can you truthfully say that the vitamins you take are benefiting you? I can’t say that I can, but once on them you become afraid to stop for fear you’ll fall apart. Oh, there is one, adding extra magnesium has definitely stopped night time leg cramps.

Now wait a minute, I say I’m falling for the latest craze, and is it just another myth?

You can recognize curry dishes by their yellow color.

Curry dishes are recognized by their yellow color.

Turmeric has long been a staple in Indian curries as well as in foods like mustard. It’s known for providing that golden yellow color. I will say, the turmeric capsules we’re taking leave all the other vitamins looking very anemic.

Curry dishes are thought to be anti inflammatory due to the turmeric used in them. The key curry ingredients are ginger, garlic and turmeric. The Indian culture eats much of this type of food and it’s been noted that there a fewer instances of inflammation based disease and conditions there. We may not even be aware of how often turmeric is used to make medicine. The claim to improve the memory was my down fall but there are many other claims like cancer fighting, can help you lose weight and it also detoxs the body.

It’s difficult to separate myths from facts, so while we’re on this subject, I wonder if you vitamin 8have ever used Emu Oil? Yes, I’m talking about the oil taken from the fat of the Emu, the flightless bird that resembles a small ostrich. I recently went to the drug store and asked the girls behind the prescription counter where I would find Emu Oil. Two of them looked at me with unbelief, “You mean from the bird,” one asked. A third girl knew where the Emu Oil was. The other two were still shaking their heads in disbelief. Although it may take me a long time to determine if turmeric’s health claims are viable, it’s been said that the health benefits of Emu Oil are a fact and it is doctor recommended.

Emu Oil is used to relieve sore muscles, aching joints, carpal tunnel syndrome,

Ouch! Magnesium really does help eliminate leg cramps.

Ouch! Magnesium really does help eliminate leg cramps.

shin splints and gout. It’s applied to the skin to reduce pain and irritation from shingles, bedsores, hemorrhoids, diabetic nerve pain, insect bites, earaches, eye irritation, “growing pains,” and frostbite. Actually the list of ways Emu Oil can be used is nearly endless. It is also used in veterinary practice.

I don’t know rather or not this Shirl and You will increase the number of bottles on your

vitamin shelf, mine, however, seems to keep growing. How can anyone resist a pill that will improve the memory, or so it is believed. If I remember to, given a few months to let turmeric do its job, I will let you know what I find out. In the meantime, I hope you’ll give me your opinions on the vitamin” myth or fact” issue. To

Is your vitamin supply growing?

Is your vitamin supply growing?

make a comment, just click on the heading of this post, scroll down to the bottom where there is a form for you to use. Til next time, I’m truly yours, Shirl (of  Shirl And You.)

15 thoughts on “Separating Myths From Facts

  1. Dear Shirl,

    Fun read. Thank you. I identify.

    I take a men’s over-50 multivitamin because my diet isn’t perfect, a baby aspirin because I’d like to avoid a stroke, a simvastatin to keep my cholesterol in check, a lisinopril to keep my blood pressure down, a glucosomine-chondroitin-msm to keep my joints healthy, a cranberry concentrate to keep my urethra smooth, a saw palmetto to reduce the rate at which my prostate grows, 4-oz of awful tasting pomegranate juice to reduce my risk of prostate cancer, a calcium to keep my bones strong, and a huge fish oil for the omega-3 benefits—whatever they are.

    I’m delighted that my gag reflex still enables me to take the handful of pills with a large swallow of pomegranate mixed with multi-vegetable juice. [I used to take it with straight pomegranate juice but straight pomegranate juice has an almost medicinal taste; it is really tart. I found mixing half pomegranate juice and half Walmart’s Multi-Vegetable juice makes a drink that is delicious. For full disclosure, my wife owns some Walmart stock. I don’t believe that has prejudiced my opinion; I’m sure one could substitute V8 and get a similarly good drink however the V8 is three times the cost of the GV Multivegi juice.]

    I’m also delighted that at age 74 I still play tennis several times a week and don’t have residual pain. Like you, I don’t quit most of these elixirs because I fear what would happen. I did try going off glucosomine-chondroitin-msm one time several years ago. After a week or so my joints and back did become pain sources. I went back on and all was well.

    Keep your essays coming. They are a joy to receive. Hug your muse for me—I love her.


  2. Hi Shirl, I take vitamins, too, but I only take a multi-vitamin, calcium supplements, omega 3, evening primrose oil and a biotin blend. We try to eat healthy; and I do think that vitamins can help in retaining health, too. My mother in law keeps up on the latest crazes when it comes to diet and vitamins; and she keeps us well informed of the latest findings. Lol Yes, I think that vitamins can help us to stay healthy, but I think that a healthy diet is even more important. Thank you for another great blog and happy Thanksgiving!!!


  3. an interesting read and something to think about 🙂
    my husband (65) and i (59) have been taking a multivitamin for about 10 years now called immunition gold from when you get their ‘auto ship’ the cost is only $15/month/bottle. a few years ago we added a probiotic every day also…and not too long ago i added a high potency B complex for each of us with our supper. neither one of us has been sick in several years. if we do get a cold it’s only maybe one/year and it only lasts a couple days.
    vitamins are well worth the money spent on them.
    any other supplement i hear about and think about trying i usually google it and find more reasons NOT to bother wasting my money on, than there are people who say it works. 😦
    guess we can’t take everything LOL
    here’s to all our good health!!!


  4. If you see pic’s of me you would think I spend my days eating nothing but Big Mac’s and fries. But I never touch fast food or processed foods. I do eat eggs everyday…they contain choline which is essential. I eat lots of fruits…vegies…smoothies using my Nutri-Bullet. I’m making slow steps in success with weight loss. It’s very frustrating. But it is progress. I take a multi-vit with 200 mcg of selenium for my asthma…selenium 200 mcg is also good for prostate health. Ryan takes an Omega 3 because he doesn’t like fish. I take extra Magnesium/Zinc/Calcium. Mag/Lecithin Granules for pain…(the choline in the lecithin with the mag fights pain)…also take Vit C and Quertcin for pain relief. Most of the population is depleted of Mag…the zinc and calcium help in the Mag absorption. Turmeric is a must for inflammation also ginger and garlic. Have a fresh pineapple smoothie with a banana and turmeric for pain. During the winter months when my pain is more severe I take a turmeric supplement called curamin…it is an ingredient of turmeric…get it @ “Holly Hill” in North Wales,Pa free shipping over $100.


    • Depending on our bodies’ makeup, everyone’s nutritional needs are different. Obviously, though, we’re all helping to keep the supplement industry going. Thanks for the tips and for writing to Shirl and You.


  5. Nita takes supplements and I eat cookies. We pray each day for God to bless us with good health from the food we have been given. We also pray for wisdom to help guide us as we age. Life is good and so are cookies.


    • At your age, Ray, you better get serious about supplementing your diet. Come to think about it, I rather go your way. Always enjoy hearing from you. Do whatever you think best, but consider that we surely would miss not having you around. 🙂


  6. I’ve thought about adding turmeric to my diet too. For inflammation. You’ll have to let me know what you end up thinking of it. Right now I just take a multi and sometimes extra vit D in the winter. Whatever you are doing seems to be working, so keep it up! ❤


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