When Small May Not Be The Best, But It’s a Start!!

New Year's 4Here we are several days into the New Year and you may still be thinking of takingNew Year's 5 that plunge into making a New Year’s resolution. You also may be the type of person that never makes one, or there’s still another type and that’s the kind that always makes them and then breaks them. If you’ve made one and are holding on by the skin of your teeth and wondering just how much longer you can keep it, I have some ideas that may help all three of you.

Sometimes we take New Year’s resolutions too seriously so before Shirl and You is completed, and since we seldom keep them anyway, I will be suggesting some fun resolutions. I’m also hoping readers will help me be creative in coming up with ideas on resolutions that can be kept. Here’s three simple ones: “finish your Chapstick, fill your gas tank all the way, remember to write 2015 on your checks.

For some making a New Year’s resolution is a serious commitment and New Year's 3undoubtedly there are those of you who have had great success. Last year you may have started at the gym, went on a diet (actually changed your way of eating), learned how to manage your money better and gave up other bad habits, like smoking. You should be congratulated. Some people say that they will stop smoking when they can afford the programs that help curb their desire to smoke, yet others find the best way is to go cold turkey.

Some people say, “I don’t want to be forced into having to do something, or to live New Year's 8up to other people’s standards.” They don’t want their freedom curbed by someone who suggests they make some changes in their life. Actually everyone is free to live their lives as they see fit. A person may smoke or not, exercise or not, floss or not, work hard or not, but what they are not free to do is escape the consequences of their actions. If you are like me, you decide to lose a few pounds but then set your goal too high and expect that weight to come off in a few days or weeks.

The experts say to break down your bigger goals into more manageable ones. For New Year's 7instance if you want to lose fifty pounds, plan to see this accomplished over the whole year and track your progress in a diary. Sometimes telling a friend about your goal is helpful because they can encourage you along the way. Teaming up with a friend who has a similar goal can be good. If exercise is the goal, you and your friend can do it together and help keep each other going. Small rewards are good, too, like an ice cream cone when five pounds have been lost. There are benefits to becoming serious about making changes in one’s life, like looking and feeling better and possibly living longer.

So resolutions are worthwhile! They are simply intentions with a bit of added motivation in the form of a promise to yourself. Some of you may be thinking that you don’t really need to make a resolution to point you in the right direction, if so, that is good.

We have been serious about resolutions just long enough. Besides I promised New Year's 2jpgyou we’d take a look at some very creative ones and I have asked you to pass others along to me. Here’s one I should make, to get my comma problems under control. The next one may be something you’ve been wanting to do: “read and memorize more poetry or scripture.” Try eating something new like crickets! How about learning the names of flowers or birds?

Here’s one you may laugh at, but it has been done. “Don’t text a person in the same room.” Or there’s this one, “Turn off your smartphone at dinner.” You’ll notice that you are still being asked to change, but you must admit we are being more creative in the resolutions we choose. Let’s continue.

Shop locally, visit the mom-and-pop coffee shop instead of Starbucks, cry when New Year's 1jpgyou’re happy and when you’re sad, conquer a fear, ( like riding a roller coaster,) drink less soda, more water. We’re setting smaller goals and they will be easier to keep. Here’s a few more of them. “I will give up chocolates totally, 100%, completely, honestly…..” “ I will stop sending emails to my wife (husband).” “I will read the manual.” “I will do less laundry and use more deodorant.” ( how did that one get in there?)

That’s Shirl and You’s suggestions for resolutions. “I will be more imaginative” is a good one to end with as I close out Shirl and You and ask for your New Year’s resolutions. I’m sincerely yours when I say, “Have a happy and healthy New Year.”

6 thoughts on “When Small May Not Be The Best, But It’s a Start!!

  1. well i had resolved in my mind that i was going to post LESS online…but that was primarily FB, so i guess that doesn’t mean i can’t post on a blog ‘eh? LOL
    one resolution i make every year is that i’m NOT going to make any resolutions…but then i’ve already blown that by doing it….(sigh)
    i guess the only worthwhile resolution that i’ve kinda played around with in my mind is that i’m not going to take any OTC drugs if at all possible this year. in the past i’ve always grabbed for an Aleve as soon as i had a headache or felt an ache or pain…and even worse was taking a ‘PM pain’ pill before bed at least every other night, noticing that i slept so much better on the nights i did. 😦
    actually i started this in november when i started an irregular heartbeat and my BP suddenly shot up sky-high and i was put on BP medication. i decided then that i was going to stop ‘popping pills’ for every little ache and pain i have. so when the new year came around i decided (resolved 😉 ) that since i had gone 2 months without any OTC meds, i’m going to continue that this year for as long as possible. i’ve found for the headaches i would normally grab an Aleve for, they will go away on their own if i just drink a big glass of water and find something to do to take my mind off it for a while. 🙂 …and i do sleep nights without the PM pain pills too!
    so i guess this year i really DID make a resolution and lets see how well i do with it 🙂
    best wishes to all for this year, whether you made resolutions or not….and lets all resolve to pray every day for our Lord to return this year!
    God bless!


    • Hi Lori B: sounds as if you are already making great strives in reducing the use of OTC drugs. I admire your determination. I agree with your last statement that it may well be the year of our Lord’s return.


  2. I was asked what I wanted for New Years…? “I want for everyone to do something for someone… that can not be repaid”. My son and I would make a simple change each New Year for our health. Now we are constantly making changes. It’s wonderful. We drink zero soda…don’t eat any processed food…nothing with ingredients like…enriched…partially hydrogenated…high fructose corn syrup…palm oil…(palm oil is in everything)…cottonseed oil…( I bought aloe vera and it had cottonseed oil in it) sent it back.


  3. My resolution came as a result of a suggestion in my devotional. I plan on making prayer a priority this year. Throughout Scripture you can find verses dealing with prayer…. “We may be certain that whatever God has made prominent in His Word, He intended to be conspicuous in our lives.” (C. Spurgeon, Morning & Evening) It’s not that I don’t pray now, however, intentional prayer, prayers of adoration, prayers for a closer communion with Christ, along with intercessory prayers, praying through Scripture…..resolutely and consistently is want I’m aiming for this year.
    Oh, yes and there’s always the standard I’ve got to lose weight & exercise regularly….which will begin after I eat all the junk food that is laying around…..as stated in one of your postings! Happy New Year!


    • Lives would change if everyone made prayer a priority. God will help you with that resolution. And, how else can we start diets this time of the year, unless we first eat all the goodies we’ve collected throughout the holidays? Thanks for writing Kathleen.


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