Robots, Ants, and Spiders!

One of nicest things does for its customers is to give robots spiders ants 5.pnggnbloggers a year’s review of their blog’s activities. You may not be aware that wordpress hosts my blog, which means all my writings are saved on their computers. Since I like to keep Shirl and You readers up-to-date on my progress, I’m passing this interesting information on to you. Some of it had me stumped, but we’ll get to that later.

Last year, Shirl and You was viewed by 7800 people. To betterrobots,  ants, spiders 6 visualize that, New York City subway holds 1200 people. It would have to make nearly seven trips to accommodate all of Shirl and You viewers. There were 732 pictures uploaded

The busiest day of the year was November 5 with 98 of you, viewing my most popular post, “Handwriting Styles: Hereditary or Not?” I like to figure the amount of viewers for the week. Last year I averaged near 100, this year I have doubled that, except on holidays when some of you change your schedules and are too busy to check out Shirl and You.

Jolt In The Road” was my most commented on post. You know how robot crawler 5each week after posting a new Shirl and You, I’m hoping to hear your comments on the subject? There are five most consistent commentators: Karen Haines Witaker, 67 times; Colleen Fresco, 39 times; Ray Worstine, 15 times; Linda Shypulefski, 12; and Wade Wilkerson, 6. I consistently posted on Sunday evenings and tried to have Shirl and You up by 5:00 p.m.

My post about “Handwriting,” received 23 comments,The one entitled, “An Adventurous Love story,” 14, “A Trip Back Home,” 13, “Mom Are You Wearing False Eyelashes,” 10, and “To Wash or Not To Wash,” received 16 comments.

What surprised me most was the fact that 113 foreign countries visited robots, ants and spiders 7Shirl and You. There were nearly as many viewers from Brazil and India  as there were from the U.S. My husband thought it showed that people in other countries are interested in what people in this country think and do. I wasn’t sure about that, so I called our daughter, who is also a blogger, writer of “Joyful Wonder.” Her comment surprised me and set me doing some research. What she said was, “I’m not sure what’s up with foreign countries’ participation, it may be robots.”

I found that there truly is something or someone scanning the world wide net. Enter Google, which is seeking to “gather and organize all of the

How to picture the scanning robots.

How to picture the scanning robots.

world’s information.” This is accomplished by the use of robots, or some call them, ants and spiders. Google’s research engines enables them to “crawl” the internet. I read that there is a way to hide from these research engines by using a robot txt file This information went way over my head.

My son-in-law, Matt, shed some light on the subject when he said that robots are programs written to examine websites while looking for email addresses or other information that they can gather and use. Computers in other countries use these programs and they stop at my blog.

When the bugs scan Shirl and You, they will find no profanity and robots ants and spiders 9nothing about sex, these are the very subjects found in many of the most popular blogs, so perhaps they won’t scan mine as much since Shirl and You speaks only for good in this world. What’s your opinion on this post?

4 thoughts on “Robots, Ants, and Spiders!

  1. I myself believe we are constantly being monitored. Like the black box in the tail of the plane…we can all be tracked. Cell phones…computers…even in our cars…we are being monitored. That’s why we should put nothing on line or speak in conversations that we don’t want unknown ears…eyes or robots to know. Even small pieces of info like our name…our birth date…our phone # provide information.


  2. Hi Shirl,
    It is interesting to hear about the details regarding your blog. I enjoy reading what you write, and I guess it is evident, as I am one of your most consistent commentators. 🙂 I like the fact that all of your blogs are filled with goodness. They reflect on what is wholesome in life and you give credit to God for his creation. Everything that you write is positive and uplifting; and some of your blogs make me take the time to stop and think about the little things. Thank you for your great blogs and I look forward to many more in 2015. God Bless!!


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