Too Tired To Talk!

I have always believed that women talk more than men. I’ve read reports that say women women talk more 1speak about 20,000 words a day compared to the men who only speak 7,000. That was years ago, but sometimes, it is still given as fact, even today. However, not everyone believes it is true. In my household, there is no question that my husband talks more than I do. And when we have company or are out visiting, I’m sometimes tempted to raise my hand in order to get in a comment or two.  By the way, I have not, yet, done this.

It’s true that some women talk incessantly and run one sentence into another. I know of women talk5one who dominates conversations and in order to keep another person from joining in she says “ahhh” in between sentences, giving her time to think of what to say next. Maybe because I’m not much of a talker myself, there are times when my mind begins to wander when listening to someone who talks on and on. They make me tired, yet they seem never to be too tired to talk.

Since my husband is constantly researching subjects and working on new projects. He likes to share what he is learning with someone and since we are the only people in the house, you can guess whose ear is oftentimes being bent. Which brings me to the subject of rather or not men’s talk is more interesting then women’s. I don’t think this is generally true, since men’s talk oftentimes centers around sports, hunting, fishing, or cars. I know this is not true of all men, and neither do all women gossip, which is what is often told of women.

After many years of marriage, I have learned when it is better not to talk and that’s whenwomen talk 10. my husband is concentrating on a new topic, project or paying bills. I do not resent this, in fact, to control our talking is in a sense learning to tame our tongues, something the Bible tells us to do. I think most women have learned when to keep quiet.

Lately, we’ve come to the conclusion that there is someone who talks too much at our house. We have a parrot who has a vocabulary of at least 100 words and although he’s been a member of the household for over 30 years, it wasn’t until we retired and are spending more time at home that we’ve learned that he doesn’t know when to keep quiet.

We’ve decided that he isn’t growing worse as he ages, but rather that we no longer wave women talk 8goodbye to him every morning, not to return until evening. It’s rather unique to spend the entire day with a demanding parrot. We’ve all learned not to interrupt someone who is talking, but Pedro hasn’t. Unless we leave the room and close the door between us and the bird, our conversation is interrupted. Generally we give up trying to be heard because the louder we get, he gets even louder. We’re really not positive of his gender, but he surely believes in dominating the conversation. So I’ve decided he’s male. (to be debated).

I’m on a hot subject this week and wonder what your thoughts are on it. I hope I haven’t women talk 11stepped on anyone’s toes.( Which brings to mind that Pedro needs his toe nails cut.) Now I”m talking too much.

I must tell you that the latest report on who talks the most, women or men, says that both

Here's an even different report on the subject.

Here’s an even different report on the subject. Does anyone really know?

use roughly the same number of words daily. Men actually came through showing a slightly wider variability in words uttered and of course there are some who speak very few words, (roughly only 500 words daily) obviously the silent type. It was a man who was found to speak on average, a whopping 47,000 words a day. But all-in-all the sexes are about equal when it comes to a war of words. Now isn’t that a safe way to end this blog? I hope you’ll write, I’d love to hear from you.

6 thoughts on “Too Tired To Talk!

  1. Hi Shirley,
    I think that both men and women do a lot of talking, but when it comes to who talks the most….I think that this depends on the individual. As you know, I have several parrots, and they talk to us and to each other. It is rather amusing to have a bird who knows you by name and also knows everyone else in the household by name (including all of the other birds)!! My African Gray is the smartest and best talker of my flock. I suppose that having 4 parrots qualifies them as being a “flock” Lol Birds are fun, and amusing but they can be annoying at times, too. I suppose that people can be this way, too though.


    • Like your comments, Colleen. I know you have been dealing with a house full of talkers for years now. Maybe Pedro needs someone, besides my husband and me, to talk to. But right now, we’re it. Do you suppose we should try ear plugs?


    • Hi Wade: First I had to look up logorrhea. I have only one question. Were your acquaintances women? Pithy is another one to look up. As I recall, Wade, that one doesn’t fit you. Although I will admit when you speak, people listen. Love hearing from you. Miss you, too. Now, I shut up.


  2. My husband talks more than I do. I’m more of a listener…always have been. But if I feel I have something important or benifical to the listener…I will speak up. Love the cartoon facts about 70 % more words. I steer clear of gossip…lost many a friend to gossip. Take people at my own face value. Try to always give the benefit of the doubt.


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