Willing To Pay The Price?

Everyone is on the look-out for good buys. So much so, that our department stores nowPaying the price 2 feature yellow dot bargains. Numerous clothing stores have rows of rows of  pipe racks running the length of the store. I really don’t like these stores, but I do like bargain buys.

I’m one of those buyers who buys nothing, unless it is on sale. I know I’m not alone, otherwise, our department stores wouldn’t see the need to send coupon flyers out, nearly weekly, sometimes twice a week, and seldom do we go shopping without first looking for coupons on the internet. Some of us just take along our Android-phones to show the check-out girl the percentage-off we are entitled to.

It all boils down to rather or not we are willing to pay the price. There was a blouse in Bon Ton, I wanted. It was a “Lauren,” and the price tag read $48.00. I waited and watched until paying the price 7jpgnear the end of summer and sure enough the blouse came down in price, not once, but twice. That’s when I bought it for less than half the price. It is a red, white and blue Americana top, that’s perfect for the 4th of July, and granted it was now fall. “No matter,” I thought, “I’ll wear it next year on the 4th and times in between.” I got a good quality top at a bargain price, one I was willing to pay.

At Sam’s Club we recently bought my husband, Burl, a couple of Van Heusen, casual Paying the price 3jpgshirts. The MSRP tag read $50.00 each. MSRP, Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price, is the price the company that produced the shirt recommended it should be sold for in stores. Obviously, Sam’s didn’t think this price matched up to what customers were use to paying. We purchased the shirts for $12.81 each. We were willing to pay that price.

Sunday, in church, the minister told a story about him and his wife. It serves as a good example of the point I’m trying to make here. He said that they had learned that a man in the neighborhood was selling a dog for $35.00. They went to see the puppy and immediately liked him. The owner suggested that before they buy the dog, they should take him home for a short time to see if their’s was a good match.They followed his suggestion, took the dog with them and decided that he liked them as much as they did him.

All three hopped into the car and headed for the neighbor’s house to pay what they owed.paying the price6 But, when they arrived, the neighbor told them that he could not sell the dog for the price he quoted them because another person had offered him $50.00 for it. Without hesitation, $50.00 was pulled from the minister’s wallet. On the way home, as his wife cuddled and played with their new dog, she said to her husband, “Thank you for being willing to pay the price.”

With Palm Sunday upon us, I can’t help but think how fortunate I am that Christ was willing to pay the price for my sins and for the sins we all commit. I hope you recognize what a great deal this is. This price was high, his life for ours. He sacrificed his life on the cross so we could be saved from our sins and bridged the gap between us and  the Creator God. There was no other way for us, sinful as we are, to be united with a sinless God. I often think of the great investment He made in us. Yes, He was willing to pay the price. What a miracle that is.Paying the Price 5

We will celebrate another miracle on Easter Sunday because he rose up from the grave, in which he was placed, so we can serve a risen Savior. He requires no other price from us except that we believe in him, trust in him, follow him, then celebrate the joy that’s ours because He Is Risen.

Today is the day to be thankful that Christ was willing to pay the price.

Beating the High Cost of Eating Out!

The cost to go out for lunch these days is rather high. For the two of us it takes a big chunk out of a twenty dollar bill, even at the fast food places. Some of you will say to stay at home to eat. We are out to prove that there must be some way to keep the cost down and still go out to eat.

Here’s what we came up with. Have lunch at Sam’s Club. It’s not a posh place. It’s clean and the seats are quite comfortable especially if you choose a table near a wall. Then you

Such bargains!

Such bargains!

also have a back-rest. Here’s the kicker, we get lunch there, for both of us, for $7.56. Oh, you can eat for less than that, if you’re willing to settle for one slice of pizza .But we really splurge and each of us orders the hot dog combo (which includes a drink), a berry sundae for my husband, and yogurt with chocolate syrup for me. There’s more too, one soft pretzel, lightly salted.

I know some of you will think that’s not a very healthy lunch, lots of calories and a hotdog, of all things! Well, this isn’t just a ordinary hot dog. It’s a Nathan Famous, all beef dog and we like them! For years we watched our diet, in fact, after my husband’s bypass heart surgery, we stayed fifteen years on a very low-fat diet. We were so very careful not to eat more than 10 percent fat, that our doctors bragged about us to other patients. Since then, the low fat diet is out of vogue and in fact it’s now no longer a good thing to do.

I’ve got to tell you, that we only do this once a week. Sometimes when aches and pains hit us, I’ll say to Burl, my hubby, “Do you think we’re going to make it?” His reply is always

Quite a spread, wouldn't you say so.

Quite a spread, wouldn’t you say?

the same, “We’ve already made it.” We’ve been around for a life time, but there is no one more concerned about staying well than me. Because I exercise daily, one of my sons asked, “How long do you want to live, Mom? ” The length of days isn’t that important to me, but the quality of those days is. So why am I eating hot dogs?

We’re not the only people liking Nathan hot dogs. Do you know that they are recognized worldwide for their unequaled quality and taste? Believe it or not, the year 2016 marks

How that for cheap food?

How’s that for cheap food?

their 100th birthday. It’s been that long since Nathan Handwerker, a Polish immigrant, started selling Nathan’s at Coney Island. In 1939, the president of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, served Nathan’s Famous hot dogs to the King and Queen of England. Later, he had them sent to Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin. That was their first international exposure.

Nathans hot dogs

The right way to eat a Nathan’s Famous!

We put onion, catsup, mustard and relish on ours. They say a purist won’t eat them that way. No, the all beef hot dog, in a natural casing, has to be cooked on a flatiron griddle, dressed with spicy brown mustard, sauerkraut, and griddled onions. That’s all. No relish, chilli or onions

I thought you might want to know what the ingredients are in Nathan’s Famous, so I looked up that information. Some of you may know what some of these ingredients are and they may help build your case against eating them. They contain beef, water, less than 2 percent of salt, sorbitol, sodium lactate, hydrolyzed soy, corn and wheat gluten protein, paprika, natural flavoring sodium diacetate, sodium erythorbate, sodium nitrite and they are packed in natural sheep casing to help seal in flavor. I heard one woman complain about the soy. She said the government was going to kill us all by adding soy to everything. Huh? I do know that they would not “sit well” with many of our family members.

So there we sat in air-conditioned Sam’s Club watching customers wheel out overflowing carts of every food product in existence and feeling quite proud of the fact that we had

That's what sat in the middle of their table.

That’s what sat in the middle of their table.

found the solution to cutting the cost of lunch by more than half. That was when a couple sat down at a table near us. They didn’t have any Nathan’s Famous dogs, in fact, they hadn’t placed their order at the lunch counter. Instead, they had walked to the back of the store and had purchased a rotisserie chicken. The man took a plastic knife and cut the tender, juicy, chicken in half and it made lunch for both of them.

I checked our receipt, yep, I paid $7.56. We finished our lunch, walked to the back of the store and there were 30 or 40 of those brown, flavorful, chickens roasting to perfection. The cost was $4.98 each. That was $3.00 cheaper than our lunch and perhaps healthier. Maybe we weren’t so smart after all. What do you think?

Santa, Here In Florida?

‘Tis the season to try to escape the cold weather, so should it have been a surprise to us to find Santa Claus living right next door to us in Sarasota, Florida? We left

The thermometer at home neared this temperature several times this winter.

The thermometer at home neared this temperature several times this winter.

cold,snowy Pennsylvania shortly after Christmas, and settled into the winter months of living where the temperatures range from the 30’s to the 80’s. It didn’t take us long to realize that when the temperatures plummet at home they do here also. The difference is they don’t drop nearly as low and besides, as winter weather levels off to a moderate normality in the 20’s the normal here ranges in the comfortable 70’s during the day time and 50’s-60’s at night.

Well, getting back to Santa Claus. A few weeks after our arrival here, an R.V. pulled into the lot next to us. We were getting neighbors! Sometimes travelers stop here at this R.V. Park and stay only over night or for a few days, but this new neighbor’s intentions were the same as ours, to miss the cold weather up north. We watched as their rig was backed into place along a concrete slab that would serve as their patio and wondered who they were. “And much to our wondering eyes did appear” a man with a white beard and long, white hair, who fit perfectly the appearance of the one in the red suit who arrives every Christmas time throughout the world. But this was Florida and if I remember correctly, the legend has it that Santa Claus hails from the cold north, at the North Pole where he keeps his toy shop in operation and feeds and cares for his reindeer.

We’ve seen other men who, as they age, prefer to let their white hair and beards grow, but not always do they “fit the bill” as Santa. This mythical figure, is generally depicted as a portly, joyous, white bearded man with spectacles, wearing a red coat, red trousers, black leather belt and boots. We were still watching the man next store from our window and it became apparent that he was wearing red, a red T-shirt and baseball cap and imprinted on it were the words, “Santa On Vacation.”

Once they were settled in here, we made our way next door to get acquainted and learned that Jack Senterfitt and his wife, Trisha, have a home in the mountains of Georgia, in the foothills of the Appalachians, in a town called, Cherry Log. They had left behind snow with temperatures in the teens and, yes, he is “Santa On Vacation.” Actually, Jack was a civil Santa on Vacation 3jpgtrial lawyer and since his retirement he is having the time of his life. He started playing the role of Santa about twelve years ago. Now, as he basks in the sunshine and relaxes by the pool, the question most kids ask is “where are your reindeer?” He has no problem getting around without them and travels in a red, hard top, convertible which he says is his wife’s car. Trisha, by the way, often plays the part of Mrs. Claus and fits the role perfectly with her lovely smile and love for kids.

Jack’s daughter says he has more hair products than she does. He admits he does whatever is necessary to keep his natural red color from appearing in his beard. He remembered how when his grandson became eleven years old, and kids gathered around his grandfather, he would say, “That’s not Santa Claus, that’s Pop.”

Jack never works in Malls. He said the appearance of Santa there is big business. He’s only paid enough to cover his expenses and oftentimes volunteers his work. He recalled how some parents have taken him aside to tell him that their children were misbehaving and would he tell them to straighten-up or Santa would not visit their home? Jack refuses to honor these requests. He said one boy was feeling so badly about himself that he told Santa to give anything he was planning to give him to another child. Some children come ready to check out his authenticity and look for the strap holding on his beard. One child pulled on his beard and said, “It’s really you.”

He is welcomed in nursing homes, does parties for foster children, and those who are terminally ill. He went to Honduras to learn Spanish so he could converse with Hispanic Santa on vacation 2children in the area. He has not been to the North Pole, not even North Pole, New York, but he is planning a two month trip to Alaska where he will visit North Pole there. No, when this Santa is off duty, he heads South. “I believe in making wishes and having faith that they can come true.” Jack said. I asked him if he considered himself an actor, he replied, “ Well, I was a lawyer!!” We laughed together, just like you would with the jolly, old elf, himself.

Don’t miss the photos below.

Here Santa and Mrs. Claus,( Jack and Trisha) with Sophie, their family pet ready for a drive to Sarasota. family pet, ready for a trip in their red convertible.

Santa and Mrs. Claus,( Jack and Trisha) with Sophie, their family pet are ready for a drive in their red convertible.


Santa Jack is not on vacation in this photo.

Santa Jack is not on vacation in this photo.


Doing what he loves most ,Jack Senterfitt brings a smile to children's faces.

Doing what he loves most, Jack Senterfitt brings a smile to children’s faces.

A Unique Transformation!!

It all began when our oldest son, Merwin, sent his dad a kit for his birthday. His dad is used to assembling kits, especially electronic ones. Years ago, he had constructed cigar Box Guitar 4several Heathkits’ electronic testing equipment. He is always ready for a new challenge and it didn’t matter that this recent kit required wood working skills, something he was also good at. In a matter of what seemed like a few hours, he had put together a Cigar Box Guitar. That’s right, the kit had included a real, honest to goodness, cigar box, a long stick, and strings, etc. In no time at all he was playing a tune on it. But he began to envision ways he could improve on the design, using a cigar box, of course. That’s when we began to visit cigar stores.

Here we were, two non-smokers entering stores that wreaked with cigar smoke. These are places where you not only buy cigars but it is where men, not old men, lounge in frontcigar Box guitar 8jpg of large screen TV’s, smoking cigars that cost $10.00 each. (I always thought only old men smoked cigars.) I have no idea how long it takes to smoke the average cigar, but no matter the time, with each puff I imagined a $10.00 bill going up in smoke. We left the store with our treasure, several empty cigar boxes, each with its own personality, just waiting to be transformed into a unique musical instrument.

Most boxes hold 20 cigars, that makes the contents worth $200, so the boxes are well constructed, usually of Spanish cedar. These are not like the cigar boxes I remember my

This is a copy of the etching showing Civil War soldiers with a Cigar Box fiddle.

This is a copy of the etching showing Civil War soldiers with a Cigar Box fiddle.

dad using for storage purposes, as they were made of hard cardboard. As early as 1800, cigars were packed in boxes, crates and barrels, containing a large number of cigars. It wasn’t until around 1840 that cigar manufacturers began using smaller boxes. And although you may not have ever heard about Cigar Box Guitars, there is evidence of these instruments existing since way back then. An etching exists from 1876 of two Civil War Soldiers at a campsite with one playing a cigar box fiddle, the brand “Figaro” shows on the box. In 1884 plans for a playable 5 string fretless banjo were published by Daniel Carter Beard, co-founder of the Boy Scouts of America, made from a cigar box.

Cigar box guitars and fiddles became important during the rise of jug bands. Most of these performers were black Americans living in poverty, who couldn’t afford “real” instruments.

Band members using homemade instruments.

Band members using homemade instruments.

These bands used the wash tub bass, jugs, washboards and harmonicas. This was the beginning of the sound of music called “the blues.” During the Great Depression of the 1930’s, musical instruments were beyond the means of everybody, but an old cigar box, a piece of a broom handle and a couple of wires from the screen door and a guitar was born.

Although he had never seen one, Burl had been aware of Cigar Box Guitars. After constructing one from his own plans, he now had a good looking, good sounding, easy to play one. He found other musicians interested and they were rather amazed at how easy

This man, Shane Speal heads up today's Cigar Box Guitar revolution.

This man, Shane Speal heads- up today’s Cigar Box Guitar revolution.

it is to play. There has been a revival of these instruments, some are calling it the Cigar Box Guitar Revolution. You may recognize the names of some of the musicians playing them: Doctor Oakroot, Johnny Lowebow, Tomi-O, Shane Speal and Paul McCartney.

It was near Christmas time that all this was taking place at our house and when Burl asked me what I wanted for Christmas I said I wanted him to build me a Cigar Box Guitar. He nearly fell over, but started work on it immediately. Now, we each have one and there’s lots of empty cigar boxes left in our garage. How many Cigar Box Guitars does a

this is what I need to do--practice.

This is what I need to do–practice.

person need? Actually the boxes are pretty and make great trinket boxes and a topic of interest when left on your coffee table. Twenty years ago, in 1995, my husband made me a dulcimer, I’ve just recently learned to play it. I don’t have 20 years left to learn the Cigar Box Guitar so I’d better get started.

Check out the internet and you’ll learn more than you ever wanted to know about Cigar Box Guitars. Remember what I said about a revolution beimg underway. By the way, I know, and you know, where there’s some surplus cigar boxes and this place is exempt of cigar smoke.

Look for our photos below.

Here I am showing off my  Cigar Box Guitar.

Here I am showing off my Cigar Box Guitar.

My husband, Burl, with the first Cigar Box Guitar he built. Mine was the second.

My husband, Burl, with the first Cigar Box Guitar he built. Mine was the second.

Here's a closer view of the guitars. The sound hole covers, bridges, knobs, etc were designed and made on my husband's 3D Printer.

Here’s a closer view of the guitars. The sound hole covers, bridges, knobs, etc were designed and made on my husband’s 3D Printer.

There’s always hope for Improvement!!

I just finished my third art journaling picture in my Bible. This new

Maybe the right hat and palette would help.

Maybe the right hat and palette would help.

learning experience started when, about a month ago, my daughter joined The Bible Art Journaling Challenge, new on Face Book. She encouraged me to do the same.

I am not an artist, I must have been behind the door when artistic ability was passed out. I did attend a free drawing class last year at the R.V. Park we stay at here in Florida, and came away with the same opinion, I am definitely lacking artistic ability.

Rebekah Jones, an artist, started the class and helps explain techniques

Rebekah Jones

Rebekah Jones

, etc. Since I am trying to catch up, I haven’t taken advantage of her input.

When my daughter suggested that I join the ”Challenge”, I hesitated. However, I do believe everything can be learned if a person puts their mind to it. I am not a quitter, but sometimes too “fast on the draw,” one of those who do not read instructions.

My mother was always one to say, “I can’t sew,” or “I don’t have a green thumb,” and she wouldn’t try anything new.That attitude may have had it’s affect on me, too.

I’m sure that many of you have seen the art journaling done by those with

Here's an example of nicely done art journaling.

Here’s an example of nicely done art journaling. It’s not mine.

artistic training. Their pages look very professional.

My daughter was pleased when I called her and said I would take the Bible Art Journaling Challenge. First I purchased a single column Journeying Bible. Then I visited a craft store and bought sets of art supplies which would surely help bring out the artist in me. I now have watercolor pencils and crayons, gel pens, some artist pens, a bottle of gesso, and brushes, all of which I am most inexperienced in their use.

I got started with a favorite Bible verse, loved by all Christians, John 3:16, and some kind friends on Face Book liked what I did. My second one based on PS. 98: 4-6, may be slightly better than the first.

My husband’s remark on my third try made me think I’d better go “back to the drawing board.” He said, “Well it’s there to stay in your Bible. Just don’t let anyone see it.” I wasn’t upset by what he said. I understood what he meant and, in fact, felt the same way. I had jumped into this latest project without first sketching my drawing in pencil, so there was no turning back.

The scripture verse I was expressing in art form was Proverbs 31:28. Art Challenge 6“Strength and dignity are her clothing and she laughs at the time to come.” I started with a laughing face of a woman and didn’t do too badly until I colored in the interior of her mouth with a grayish watercolor pencil. I learned that there is a trick to shading something I had not yet conquered.

I am not discouraged because what was really important was the lesson I had learned from the scripture verse. How can I laugh at the future? The verse itself answers my question. In order to do this, it takes strength and dignity. These character traits come from God. He will enable me to laugh at the future.

This does not mean I am not concerned and sometimes distraught with the happenings throughout the world, but I may rest assured that God Art Challenge 9has never lost his control in the over-all picture. The enemy may appear to be winning but the tables will turn completely when Christ returns. In the meantime, God is enabling me to be calm and even to laugh, because the “joy of the Lord is my strength.”

We’re all aware of how good we feel after a hard laugh. I’m showing Shirl and You readers the drawing that should be kept hidden. It may give you a good laugh. I’m sure many of you will know what to do to improve it. It may encourage you to take the plunge and become a part of the Bible Art Journaling challenge.

Here’s a clincher: I’ve read that laughing may even help you lose weight! I did not read that in the Bible, so don’t hold me to it. Check out the drawings below and let me hear from you.

My husband took this photo of me while doing some Bible Art Journaling.

My husband took this photo of me while doing some Bible Art Journaling.


This is first attempt at art journaling for the verse of great assurance to all believers, John 3:16.

This is my first attempt at art journaling for the verse of great assurance to all believers, John 3:16.

Bring out the instruments, sing and shout to the Lord. This is number 2 of my art jounaling.

Bring out the instruments, sing and shout to the Lord. This is number 2 of my art jounaling.

This one was to be kept under cover, but my Shirl and You readers get to see it. The verse Prov.31: 25 assures us that we can laugh at the future.

This one was to be kept under cover, but my Shirl and You readers get to see it. The verse Prov.31: 25 assures us that we can laugh at the future.

I Cor 13:4-7 is a picture of true love.

I Cor 13:4-7 is a picture of true love- number four in my art journaling.

My latest attempt at art is the cover I did for my gospel music binder.

My latest attempt at art is the cover I did for my gospel music binder.














Fifty Years’ Greatest Impact!!

Many newsworthy events happened fifty years ago. But one of them has

What you see, hear and do is important.

What you see, hear and say is important.

been talked about more then the others. This will be the topic of Shirl and You. Before we get to this most-talked about subject, let’s take a quick look at some of the others.

Fifty years ago Buffalo Wings were invented at the Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York and the

It started in Buffalo, N.Y.

It started in Buffalo, N.Y.

Hess Toy truck was first released then and cost $1.29. The surgeon General’s report issued a “Smoking May Be Harmful” warning.

There’s more! Ford Mustang was introduced and was Ford’s most successful launch since the Model A. Flat screen television was invented then and

1964 Ford Mustang.

1964 Ford Mustang.

the eight track cartridge was popular until the 1980’s when compact cassettes took over. The first photos of the moon’s surface were taken, 50 years ago, by a spacecraft.

The Addams Family, The Munsters and G. I. Joe are fifty years old as are the new Hampshire state lottery, the first synthesizer, The Moog, and the wrinkle-The Beetles 4free clothes treatment we all appreciate, Permanent Press.

All of these are well and good, but the most talked about happening was

The Beatles.

The Beatles.

the arrival of The Beatles, not the tiny beetle that is devouring our evergreen trees here in America. No, it, is the one-of-a-kind band that actually transformed American music. The Beatles arrived here in the U.S., February 7, 1964.

It wasn’t the news coverage being given on what’s left of the band today that got me thinking about using them as a Shirl and You subject. It was at a theater organ concert we recently attended where the organist The beatles 5jpgplayed four of their songs, “Michelle,” “Yesterday,” “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer,” and “When I’m 64.” Listening to these beautiful renditions on the organ brought back memories of refusing to let our children listen to the four “moptop” teen idols that were sweeping our country with “way out music”, and also their talk of peace, love and their fight against the Vietnam war. What really got many people upset was the statement made by John Lennon that they were more popular than Jesus.

To digress a bit here, my husband and I recently met a couple of musicians, at the RV Park, where we reside for the winter months. He is a very accomplished fiddle player and his wife, a pianist. He gave Burl some tips on fiddling, something my husband wants to learn since The Beatles 9receiving a violin for Christmas. It was interesting to hear how their daughters became very accomplished at fiddling, so much so that well-known groups wanted them to become part of their traveling bands. Although some may think this was a great opportunity for the girls, the mother wisely recommended that they not become a part of the entertainment business, and they soon saw it her way.

The entertainment business calls for hard living. And so it was with The Beatles. The two that are left, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are now The Beatles 6near 70 years of age. John Lennon was shot and killed and George Harrison died of cancer, November 2001 at the age of 58. By 1970, the group was ready to disband, with some stepping out to do solo recordings. The Beatles had started their careers in Britain singing folk music,  soon changing to rock and roll. Their long hair caught people off guard, many think their most popular song, “Yellow Submarine” promotes drugs. Long hair, rock and roll, drugs, some believe these traits may well have been instrumental in changing the world. 

What’s to be learned here? Making wise decisions on how our lives will The Beatle7be lived and what effect those decisions will have on those around us, remain an important part of living.

I would love to hear your comments on this Shirl And You.

Robots, Ants, and Spiders!

One of nicest things wordpress.com does for its customers is to give robots spiders ants 5.pnggnbloggers a year’s review of their blog’s activities. You may not be aware that wordpress hosts my blog, which means all my writings are saved on their computers. Since I like to keep Shirl and You readers up-to-date on my progress, I’m passing this interesting information on to you. Some of it had me stumped, but we’ll get to that later.

Last year, Shirl and You was viewed by 7800 people. To betterrobots,  ants, spiders 6 visualize that, New York City subway holds 1200 people. It would have to make nearly seven trips to accommodate all of Shirl and You viewers. There were 732 pictures uploaded

The busiest day of the year was November 5 with 98 of you, viewing my most popular post, “Handwriting Styles: Hereditary or Not?” I like to figure the amount of viewers for the week. Last year I averaged near 100, this year I have doubled that, except on holidays when some of you change your schedules and are too busy to check out Shirl and You.

Jolt In The Road” was my most commented on post. You know how robot crawler 5each week after posting a new Shirl and You, I’m hoping to hear your comments on the subject? There are five most consistent commentators: Karen Haines Witaker, 67 times; Colleen Fresco, 39 times; Ray Worstine, 15 times; Linda Shypulefski, 12; and Wade Wilkerson, 6. I consistently posted on Sunday evenings and tried to have Shirl and You up by 5:00 p.m.

My post about “Handwriting,” received 23 comments,The one entitled, “An Adventurous Love story,” 14, “A Trip Back Home,” 13, “Mom Are You Wearing False Eyelashes,” 10, and “To Wash or Not To Wash,” received 16 comments.

What surprised me most was the fact that 113 foreign countries visited robots, ants and spiders 7Shirl and You. There were nearly as many viewers from Brazil and India  as there were from the U.S. My husband thought it showed that people in other countries are interested in what people in this country think and do. I wasn’t sure about that, so I called our daughter, who is also a blogger, writer of “Joyful Wonder.” Her comment surprised me and set me doing some research. What she said was, “I’m not sure what’s up with foreign countries’ participation, it may be robots.”

I found that there truly is something or someone scanning the world wide net. Enter Google, which is seeking to “gather and organize all of the

How to picture the scanning robots.

How to picture the scanning robots.

world’s information.” This is accomplished by the use of robots, or some call them, ants and spiders. Google’s research engines enables them to “crawl” the internet. I read that there is a way to hide from these research engines by using a robot txt file This information went way over my head.

My son-in-law, Matt, shed some light on the subject when he said that robots are programs written to examine websites while looking for email addresses or other information that they can gather and use. Computers in other countries use these programs and they stop at my blog.

When the bugs scan Shirl and You, they will find no profanity and robots ants and spiders 9nothing about sex, these are the very subjects found in many of the most popular blogs, so perhaps they won’t scan mine as much since Shirl and You speaks only for good in this world. What’s your opinion on this post?